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Ethio Tours , we are passionate about our off the beaten track experiences as we provide our travelers with the thrill of coming face to face with untouched cultures as well as wilderness regions of great natural beauty of Ethiopia .
In addition to running tours on the more popular tourist circuits, such as the Historic Route, Simien Mountain Trekking, the Rift Valley and Bale Mountains, and the Omo Valley, we can organise tours off the beaten track, in the Afar Region, Estern Ethiopia and the west bank of the Omo .

We also provide a variety of specialist tours, in ornithology, flowers and plants, geology, and anthropology, and can set up study tours in the discipline of your choice, from Art to Zoology, linking up with Ethiopian institutions and associations, specialists and experts.

We are committed to ensuring that our unique itineraries are well researched, affordable and tailored for the enjoyment of small groups or individuals . Our itineraries will give you the very best travel experience, designed by people with incredible local knowledge who share our vision of authentic exchange and real exploration with a responsible tourism approach. Whether you like your adventures to include trekking, touring, cycling, kayaking ethio Tours , can make it happen for you. We hope you will join us for life changing experience!!
Ethio Tours , we pride ourselves on having the best travel team in Ethiopia . Our passion, prices and promotions are that your satisfaction is guaranteed.
We designed our itineraries in such a way that you can compose a 1 to 6 weeks journey from different modules that can show you the entire country or just the parts that interest you, all depending on your personal preferences, available time and budget.

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